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Beefing up your resume and CV for the EB-1A (Employment-Based First Preference) visa criteria, also known as the “Extraordinary Ability” category, requires showcasing your exceptional abilities and accomplishments in your field. Here are some steps to help you strengthen your application:

1. Document Achievements: Provide evidence of your significant achievements, such as awards, publications, patents, or notable projects. Highlight any unique contributions you’ve made in your field.

2. Letters of Recommendation: Obtain strong letters of recommendation from experts in your field who can attest to your extraordinary ability. These should emphasize your contributions and impact.

3. Publications and Citations: Include a list of your published works, research papers, articles, or other contributions to your field. Mention any citations or references to your work by others.

4. Presentations and Conferences: Detail your participation in conferences, seminars, or speaking engagements. Mention any invitations to speak or present at prestigious events.

5. Professional Memberships: List memberships in professional organizations related to your field. Being part of these organizations can demonstrate your recognition in the industry.

6. Impact on the Field: Show how your work has influenced or advanced your field. Highlight any innovations, breakthroughs, or changes resulting from your contributions.

7. Awards and Honors: Mention any honors, awards, or recognitions you’ve received, whether local, national, or international.

8. Leadership Roles: If you’ve held leadership positions in professional organizations or committees, include them to demonstrate your influence and expertise.

9. Research Collaborations: Describe any collaborations with renowned researchers or institutions, as this can further establish your prominence.

10. Testimonials: Include any positive feedback or testimonials from colleagues, mentors, or others who can vouch for your exceptional abilities.

11. Impact Statement: Write a strong personal statement explaining your contributions, your impact on the field, and why you qualify for the EB-1A category.

12. Credentials Evaluation: If your degrees are from non-U.S. institutions, get them evaluated to ensure they meet U.S. standards.

13. Legal Assistance: Call the Shah Peerally Law group ( 510 742 5887) which has experience in EB-1A applications. They can guide you through the process and help ensure all requirements are met. Remember that the EB-1A category is highly competitive, and the evidence you provide should convincingly demonstrate your extraordinary ability in your field. Careful documentation and presentation of your achievements are crucial for a successful application.


Shah Peerally is an immigration attorney, author, and activist known for his work in the field of immigration law and immigrant rights advocacy. Shah Peerally was born in Mauritius and later immigrated to the United States. He earned his Juris Doctor (JD) degree and became a licensed attorney in California. He founded the Shah Peerally Law Group, a law firm focused on immigration law, providing legal services to individuals and businesses dealing with various immigration issues. Throughout his career, Shah Peerally has been a prominent advocate for immigrant rights and has actively engaged in various community outreach programs, workshops, and legal clinics to educate and assist immigrants in navigating the complex U.S. immigration system. He is also known for his efforts in raising awareness about immigration-related issues through radio and television programs, as well as his participation in seminars and conferences. Additionally, Shah Peerally has authored books and articles on immigration law topics to help individuals better understand their rights and options.

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